6+ Suite Housing and Block Housing

If the assurance of being able to live with a group of friends is more important than the possibility of selecting a room in a particular building at the Lottery, you can be assigned through the Block Housing or 6+ Suite process. Unlike the traditional lottery in which you would pick a room with one or two (or possibly three) roommates, these application processes enable your group of 4 – 10 friends to be assigned housing with/near each other.  To apply, complete the application in MyHousing by the established deadline.

6+ Suites

6+suites are self-contained living units that include a mixture of doubles and singles, a common space, bathroom, and an efficiency kitchen. Offerings include 7-person suites in Fisher East (may be Gender-inclusive) and the 6-person female suite in Marquis Hall.

Block Housing

A block is a section of a larger floor community within a residence hall.  Blocks are primarily comprised of double rooms though some include one or two single bedrooms or a triple.   Blocks may be co-ed and, due to the limited availability of gender-inclusive suites, we encourage rising sophomore students to use the block housing option to live in a mixed-gender living situation.   Assignments are not based on building preference but applicants may request a housing rate tier. Submission of an application indicates each student’s willingness to accept an assignment in any of the buildings designated for block housing.

Block Housing for the 2017-18 academic year will be located in Easton (doubles, singles), Farber (doubles, singles), Keefe (doubles, singles), Kirby House (men only; double rooms only), McKeen (single gender groups: double rooms only for women; triple, doubles, singles for men), Rubin (doubles, singles), Ramer (doubles, singles), South College (double rooms only), and the modular housing building (double rooms only).

To support groups of friends who want to live together, we will attempt to place all students who apply for block housing.  However, based on the number and size of groups that actually submit applications, block housing cannot be guaranteed.

Terms of Application

To apply, submit a 6+Suite or Block Housing Application by the established deadline. Please consult the Timeline for application deadline information.

The following policies and conditions are applicable to students who submit an application for 6+suite or Block housing.

  1. Applicants must have enough proposed roommates to fill the requested suite/block to capacity.
  2. All group members must complete the application by the deadline.
  3. Block applicants may be placed in an assignment in any of the buildings designated for block housing.
  4. Applications will be processed using randomly generated numbers (not based on date submitted).
  5. Bedrooms within the suite/block may be gender-inclusive.  Room assignments within the suite or block are determined by the group members.
  6. Students who are assigned housing through these processes may not participate in Housing Lottery or any other application process.
  7. If you withdraw from a 6+ suite or Block, you will be assigned housing over the summer through the wait list.


Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life manages a variety of living environments in which learning is supported and extended beyond the classroom.

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