Gender Inclusive Housing

Students interested in living with friends in a mixed-gender unit must submit a Gender Inclusive Application in MyHousing by the established deadline.

Gender inclusive units will be available in the Fisher Suites and Watson Courts.  (Eligible rising seniors may select gender inclusive off-campus apartments through the Priority Lottery without completing the Gender inclusive application.)

Groups of rising Sophomores are encouraged to use the Block Housing option to live in a mixed-gender living situation because assignments are made in class year seniority order and availability of Gender inclusive units is limited.

Please consult the Timeline for submission deadline.

Terms of Application

The following policies and conditions are applicable to students who submit an application for Gender Inclusive housing:

  1. Applicants must have enough proposed roommates to fill the requested suite/apartment to capacity.
  2. Each student should fill out the Gender Inclusive application and confirm each roommate in the Gender Inclusive roommate process.
  3. Applications will be processed using randomly generated numbers (not based on date submitted).
  4. Students who secure housing through this special process may not participate in Housing Lottery.
  5. Students who withdraw from Gender Inclusive Housing, will be assigned housing over the summer through the wait list.
  6. If a vacancy occurs, the occupants will have the option of identifying another students to fill the space.
  7. Unfilled vacancies in Gender Inclusive Housing may result in the unit reverting to single-gender designation, which may require the re-assignment of occupants.

The Office of Residence Life discourages students who are in a romantic relationship from living together in a residence hall unit.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life manages a variety of living environments in which learning is supported and extended beyond the classroom.

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