By its design, the housing lottery system gives increasing levels of preference to students as they move up through class years.  Seniors are assigned the best (lowest numerically) lottery numbers providing them with the widest array of housing options.  Within class years, numbers are randomly assigned so students have equal chance of receiving favorable numbers.

To maintain the integrity of the room selection process, the Office of Residence Life expects that you will select housing in good faith and with full intention of residing in the selected location and with all designated roommates.  Once the lottery and room sign-up process is completed, room changes will not be approved to facilitate the reunification of upper-level students who have split up for the purpose of providing an advantage to students with less desirable lottery numbers.

The following practices are considered unfair and prohibited:

  • Upper-level students cannot ‘”pull in” roommates with whom they have no intention of living.
  • Within class years, students (for example, two or more juniors) may not “pair up” with roommates with whom they do not intend to live to take advantage of better lottery numbers.

If you violate the ethical expectations of the room selection process and/or change rooms without following the established procedure, you  will be subject to the following consequences:  $100 fine, minimum 6 months warning probation, required to move back to the original assignment.  Furthermore, a non-senior who participates in this practice may receive additional consequences related to the room selection process in future years, including exclusion from priority lotteries as a senior.

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